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30 years of Dancing in the Heart of Downtown Southern Pines
Just Above The Ice Cream Parlor

Terpsichore...A Moving Experience is a local dance studio that offers classes in a wide variety of styles to dancers of all ages. We pride ourselves on our community values and emphasize creating well-rounded dancers. Every year our students work incredibly hard on our yearly production of The Nutcracker as well as our spring performance which highlights all of our offered dance styles.


"My daughters have been taking dance at Terpsichore, one for 8 years, and one for 4 years.  I have seen them grow in skill, technique, and confidence.  They have learned how to be poised and graceful.  They have developed an amazing work ethic that extends to other areas of their lives.  They have developed wonderful relationships along the way.  I have been to other dance studios and grew up taking dance myself.  I find Terpsichore to be top-notch and I would recommend it to any level of dancer."

~ Nancy Hively,

Terpsichore Dance Parent

Terpsichore Dance is a WONDERFUL dance studio! My girls have learned so much about dance and technique, but also valuable life skills.  Miss Kellye and her teaching staff are fantastic and I would recommend Terpsichore to dancers of all ages!"

~ Terpsichore Dance Parent

"My daughter LOVES dancing at Terpsichore!  She has been dancing here for several years now, and my son and I enjoy walking around Downtown during her classes. Wonderful location and the BEST Instructors!"

~ Marilyn McAllister,

Terpsichore Dance Parent 

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