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Policies & Dress Code



In Keeping With The Traditions Of Classical Ballet: - Students in Levels 1-6 will be required to wear their hair securely fastened in a ponytail. Short hair must be secured with clips to keep the hair off the face. - Students in Levels Petite Company - Ensemble MUST wear their hair in a classical ballet bun or tightly secured to the head with clips (NOTE: Using just a ‘scrunchie’ will not secure the hair.) DANCERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO DANCE IF THEIR HAIR IS NOT PROPERLY SECURED!!!



Students should not enter or leave the premises dressed in leotard and tights. Please wear a cover-up or street clothing over dance wear. BALLET: ALL students are required to wear a BLACK leotard, BALLET PINK tights and PINK ballet shoes. Pointe shoes must also be pink. Boys must wear a white T-shirt, black shorts or pants of a knit or other free-moving fabric, and black ballet shoes. SKIRTS: Short, black chiffon skirts may be worn. NO OTHER COLOR SKIRTS WILL BE ALLOWED. JAZZ: Students may wear solid color leotards, pink or black tights, and BLACK SPLIT-SOLE jazz shoes. TAP: Students must wear a BLACK leotard, PINK tights, and BLACK tap shoes with either Velcro, tap ties or tap shoes with elastic buckle closure (available through Terpsichore’s dance wear center) NO PANTIES WILL BE ALLOWED, AS THE TIGHTS SERVE AS THEIR UNDERGARMENT.



1. Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month and considered delinquent after the 10th of the month. A $15.00 late fee will be added to tuition after the 10th. STATEMENTS WILL ONLY BE SENT OUT FOR PAST DUE ACCOUNTS. There will be a $35.00 fee for all returned checks.


2. Students will NOT be allowed to attend class if their account is past due more than two months.


3. An annual non-refundable registration fee of $65.00 is charged each student to cover newsletters and other studio communications throughout the year.


4. A family discount of 10% is available for additional siblings enrolled.


5. All accounts must be brought current BEFORE students may perform in Nutcracker or Spring Concert.


6. Tuition includes each student’s production fee for “Nutcracker” and Spring Concert. Nutcracker costumes are provided to students on a rental basis in the monthly Production Fee. Spring Concert costumes are also included in the Production Fee for students to keep, in levels 1 - Junior Company. Spring Concert Ballet costumes for students in Apprentice, and Ensemble Companies are provided on a rental basis. Students enrolling after October 1st will be charged accrued production fees.


7. Fifteen (15) days written notice is required should your child elect to withdraw from classes. Students are considered enrolled with tuition due until such notice is received.


8. Office hours: 2:00-7:00, Mon - Fri. When office is closed, tuition should be placed in the drop box located in the lobby.

9. Attendance is taken at each class. Good attendance is imperative as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class. Parents should make every effort to have students be on time and attend all classes.


10. Students should NOT arrive more than 15 MINUTES prior to their class time.


11. Parents should be prompt when picking up your child the last class of the day. For safety reasons, students will not be allowed to wait outside, parents must come to the lobby to pick up their child.


12. Students more then 10 minutes late to class may be asked to observe rather than take the class. This is not a disciplinary measure, but is done with the student’s best interest in mind. A student who misses the first few exercises at the barre runs the risk of injury by not being properly warmed up.


13. Students should adhere to the prescribed dress code, as it will be strictly enforced. Dress up days are scheduled twice each year so students can wear “ballerina” costumes, tutus, and other colored dance wear. HAIR MUST BE SECURED IN A NEAT AND PROPER BUN, ABSOLUTELY NO PANTIES OR JEWELRY WILL BE ALLOWED!


14. Observation and parent/teacher communication is greatly encouraged. but by appointment only. An observation day is scheduled once per year to allow parents to view their child’s progress.


15. Terpsichore does not observe Moore County TEACHER WORKDAYS, classes are held as usual on these days. Terpsichore does, however, observe MOORE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL HOLIDAYS.


16. Classes are NOT automatically canceled due to inclement weather. Please Check the Website, the Terpsichore Facebook Page or the Terpsichore Instagram for Cancellation information. If Moore County Schools are closed, Terpsichore classes WILL NOT be held.


17. Missed classes due to illness, etc. must be made up within the same month or the class is forfeited. All classes must be paid or, even if they are missed.


18. No food or drink is allowed in the studios. Students are asked to eat only AT THE TABLE IN THE KITCHEN AREA located in the dressing room.


19. Parents should write your child’s name inside his/her ballet shoes and clothing. All dance attire looks the same. A lost and found box is located in the dressing room area.

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